Analysis Edmund Spenser's Amoretti: "Sonnet 1-89"

Edmund Spenser (1552-1599)

Edmund Spenser was born around the year 1552, in East Smithfield, London. He attended Pembroke College, Cambridge. In July of 1580, he went to Ireland to serve Lord Deputy, Arthur Grey, 14th Baron Grey de Wilton. He helped the English defeat the native Irish in the Desmond Rebellion, and was awarded lands in County Cork. He hoped to obtain a place at court for his poetry, and even went to recite his poem "The Faerie Queene." He regrettably antagonized the queen's principal secretary, Lord Burghley, and was not given a place at court. In 1591, Spenser did receive a pension from the queen. In 1598, in the midst of the Nine Years War, he was driven from his home by native Irish forces. They burned his dwellings. He was forced to go back to London, where he later died. 

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  1. Where are all the others? (1-14, 16-22, etc)

  2. These are all the ones that I have done so far. I skip around a lot when I'm doing analyses because they can start to feel a little repetitious for me, but I will go back and do the others eventually. Sorry for the inconvenience.