Summary of Boccaccio's "The Decameron: Day 3 Introduction"

Summary of Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron Day 3 Introduction

It is Sunday morning. Queen Neifile awakens then goes and wakes up her companions. They all set out for their new abode. They walked a while until they came to a beautifully rich palace that was positioned above the plain of a small hill. They did not know who owned the magnificent palace, but they speculated that it must be owned by a glorious lord.

They looked around. They found a garden that was completely surrounded by walls. In the center of the garden, which they praised above all else, there was a dark green lawn that was sprinkled with flowers, and surrounded by luscious orange and lemon trees. There was a fountain made out of white marble; it had carvings all over it, and in the middle there was a figure that had water coming out of it. The water shot straight up then cascaded down like a geyser. This place was truly paradise. There were also many harmless animals about, including deer, fawns, rabbits, and hares.

After nones (usually 9 a.m.) they gathered in the garden and began their storytelling for the day.

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