Summary of Boccaccios The Decameron: Day 1 Conclusion

Summary of Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron Day 1 Conclusion

Pampinea handed over her rule to Filomena. Pampinea took off her laurel crown and placed it upon Filomena's head and then everyone hailed her as the new Queen.

Filomena spoke to the group: I believe that we should continue the routine set up by Pampinea until it becomes tedious. The only change I wish to make is to restrict the theme of tomorrow's stories. The theme shall be people who have undergone a series of misfortunes but then have a happy ending.

Everyone fell quiet and Dioneo asked Filomena: I ask to not be forced to stick with the prescribed theme of the day, but instead I wish to be allowed to tell any story that I choose. I also volunteer to go last.

The Queen granted him this request, because she knew that the only reason he asked, was so that he would be able to pick up everyone's spirits and make them laugh, after hearing so many stories on the same theme.
They ended the night with a song.

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