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This privacy notice provides you with the details of how we collect and use your data when you our use our site,

I, Sophia Brookshire, am the sole operator of When “us,” “we,” and “our,” are used, in this privacy policy, they are describing and myself, Sophia Brookshire, as an entity. I am the one who is responsible for your personal data and I take that responsibility seriously.

13 & Up

This website is for those who are thirteen years-of-age and older. This site may contain language that may not be appropriate for some audiences; please ask your parents for permission before using our site. By visiting you are indicating to us that you are 13 years-of-age or older and/or you have your parent’s permission to be on our site.

What is Personally Identifiable Information?

  • Your Name
  • Email
  • Mailing Address and/or Home Address
  • Phone Numbers
This is not a complete list; the items listed above are only a few examples of personally identifiable information.


Cookies are small files that a website will transfer to your computer that allows it to remember specific information about your session while you are connected to that website. Your computer will only share the information in the cookie with the website that provided it, and no other website can request it. There are two main types of cookies:

Session: session cookies will only last as long as your web browser is open; when you close your browser that cookie will be deleted. Websites use cookies to better navigation of the site, or to allow you to customize your preferences for interacting with that site.

Persistent: persistent cookies are saved on a user’s hard drive, in order to determine which users that visit the site are new or returning.

If you do not want to have session or persistent cookies stored on your device, you can access your cookie settings in your browser settings. You can choose to not allow cookies at all, only allow cookies sometimes, or to alert you when a website wants to set or access cookies. If you disable cookies, some parts of this website may not function properly.

Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information, unless a website has a membership and login (and you use it). In this case, websites use these to personalize your shopping or reading experiences. Companies that routinely use this are: ebay, bbc, yahoo, etc.

Data Collection does not collect personally identifiable information. Why? There is no reason for us to collect personally identifiable information, since everything posted on our website is free to view by everyone (ie. no login information is required to view posts).

We, also, do not collect Sensitive Data about you. Sensitive Data refers to your race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, sexual preferences, sexual orientation, political opinions, criminal offenses, etc.

Third-Party Websites and Applications

Discus: is a comment plug-in used by bloggers. Comments that are left on our website are moderated, so your post will not be available for others to see until the administrator, Sophia Brookshire, has viewed and approved it to be published. We will not publish comments that contain spam, links, profanity, hate speech, and otherwise rude comments. If you use your legal name to leave a comment, please be aware that it and your profile picture (if there is one) will be visible to others on

Blogger: was created using’s platform. Blogger is owned and hosted by Google. Blogger collects data in the following ways:

1. Page Views- How many people have visited each posted post, page, etc.

2. Followers- People who have decided to follow through

3. Traffic Sources- Blogger relays which URLs brought you to our site, what website referred you to our site, and what keywords you used when you searched something.

4. Audience- Blogger tracks what country you originate from, the browser you use to visit our site, and the operating system of the device you use to visit

Google Adsense: is a program that customizes advertisements to the individual viewing them, often based on your past search history. These advertisements are placed within websites, blogs, and/or vlogs; in order to, make that that site or channel monetized. Google pays us a percentage of the money they earn from the company that wanted to advertise their product, website, etc. If you have clicked on an ad, you will be taken to the website associated with the ad; thus, any information you divulge to them is subject to their privacy policy.

Google Adsense also acts as an analytics source that is helpful for bloggers, youtubers, etc. to create better content and earn a living. Adsense tracks clicks and impressions made by visitors to They also track your country of origin, referring browser, etc. (Basically, they track the same thing that Blogger does, since they are both entities of Google).

Add This: is both an analytical tool and social bookmarking widget. Website visitors can bookmark or share posts to a variety of services, such as, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, Email. Add This tracks visits, shares, follows, related posts, conversions, referring domains, direct links, social sources, devices used, and browsers used.

Bloglovin': this is a website that will allow you to follow this website and others, so that you can keep on new posts. It is completely optional to use; we offer it as an option to follow us without having to give us your personally identifiable information.

Third-Party Links may include links to third-party websites, plug-ins, and applications. If you decide to click on those links or enable any of those connections you will be subject to their privacy policies, as we do not control how they collect and share data about you. When you leave our site, we ask you to read the privacy policy of every website that you visit.

Embedded Content

Articles that appear on may include embedded content (ie. videos, images, articles, links, etc.). Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as it would if you had originally visited that other website; therefore, you are subject to their privacy policy not ours after you leave

Disclosing Your Personally Identifiable Information & Data

Here at, we will only use your data for the purpose that it was intended. We will not sell or distribute your data to others outside of, unless required to by law.

We may process your data without your knowledge or consent where it is required by law.

We may have to share your personal data with:
  • Service providers, who provide IT and other system administration services.
  • Professional advisors that include, but are not limited to: lawyers, bankers, auditors, and insurers.
  • The government, who may require us to report certain data and/or information.
  • Third-parties that we have allowed access to our website analytics.

Data Retention

We will only keep your data for as long as is necessary to fulfil the reason it was collected, in the first place.

If you choose to leave us a comment, that comment and its metadata will be retained indefinitely. We keep this data, because it is useful in recognizing and approving any follow-up comments, as well as responding to them.

We may also use your data for statistical and research purposes; however, we will make your information anonymous.

Updated: May 2018